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(Boney Bindra) So, how great is the iTunes right? Great! There are a lot apps, a lot is there to do, a lot is there to choose from.

However, larger the option corner, more the time it takes to filter which one is the one for you, so being a good friend I am to you, I have done the hard work for all you victims of Monday. #Monday_motivation.

You see what I did there, right? Anywho! here are top three free applications of iTunes which can make your life quiet easy.

1.) Nyt Cooking

Now, this one is for y’all people who don’t like to drive at night to grab a bite but anyhow gets a weird craving after 12.

Nyt Cooking has over 18,000 recipes, step by step easy guide and preparation methods too #no_more_missing_mama_food.

2.) Slack

Works in a small business? Runs a small business? Say no more, slack is what you must have. It is actually an instant messaging app which allows you to have all your people and departments.

Communication is the key right? Well then Slack must be the spare one, which opens the door to structure.


3.) Sweatcoin- Swear For Coin

Literally, you will sweat for money. This fitness app lets you convert your sweat into coins. In other words, the more workout you do, money you will earn.

The money can also be used for electronics, gift cards etc. #Monday_motivation_done_right.

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