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After a history of criticism for not being able to clean up its act, Twitter is making the biggest update to the policy that how it will handle tweets that are reported.

Now the social networking site is amending few changes in the policy that states how a tweet which has violated its terms of service is managed.

If a user or many users report a specific tweet that they find is troublesome or offensive, Twitter as always will run it through several parameters to examine if it actually violates the Rules policy guidelines of Twitter.

Further, if it does, the tweeted content will be blocked with a message since it violates the rules of the company.

Before deleting the tweet, the message will be displayed for 14 days in order that any of the offending account’s followers are familiar that an offensive tweet was posted and successfully reported.

During the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey last month mentioned that the company was working on improved transparency measures, adding a report for suspended accounts.

These policies will be made available to all the users over the next few days.

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