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Two Sikh families who were seeking refuge out from their homeland have finally been accepted by the government of Canada, in an amazing step.

Families hailed from Afghanistan and left the country because of its hardliners, fanatics, and Islamic preachers.

One of them, Shamlal Khalsa, when was about why he was so eager to leave Afghanistan, said, “Our lives were so miserable back there, it was so bad, I am happy to be here in Canada.”

Shamlal claimed that his family was harassed for many years by Islamic fanatics, “They were harassing us to change our religion and convert into Islam, they even cut my children’s hair short, even our kids weren’t comfortable leaving the houses.”

Khalsa and his associated are here thanks to a private organization which sponsored them fully to the country.

As many as 65 families shall be welcomed at Canada in the same manner as Khalsa’s family, for the protection reasons.

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