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One of Britain’s top woman police officer of Indian origin is taking a legal action against Scotland Yard.

54-years-old, Parm Sandhu, who currently serves as a Temporary Chief Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police and has filed a lawsuit against Scotland Yard over racism and sexism.

Sandhu claims that she was turned down from promotions and opportunities at work because of her race and gender.

According to Sandhu, she had filed a discrimination suit after being wrongly accused of breaching the police honor rules to get the ‘Queen’s Police Medal’.

After being cleared in June, at the end of an internal Met Police investigation, Sandhu finally decided to take the legal steps and claiming composition, she has filed the suit in the employment tribunal.

Ms Sandhu is one of few non-white woman officers in the UK’s largest police force and is backed by the Metropolitan Black Police Association, which says that the lack of senior female ethnic minority officers in Scotland Yard is a matter of concern.

First hearing in Sandhu’s case is set to take place at an employment tribunal coming week.

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