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Hate Crime

Unite States of America’s special investigation agency FBI has reported recently that hate crime against Indian Sikhs are witnessing a shoot in states.

As per data released regarding last year’s hate crimes in USA, the numbers have seen a hike.  Although if compared to the total number of hate crimes registered in 2017 crime against Sikhs may look feeble, but if we look at it through the sight of an NRI the numbers are huge.

The official data says as many as 8400 people complained about being victims of hate crimes last year from which, 300 were Muslims, 24 were Sikh, 15 were Hindus and nine were Buddhists.

Fact that shocks the most is, Jews filed rest 1678 complaints, in year 2017.

On the low numbers, a community-based organization named, the Sikh Coalition reacts saying “These figures are nowhere close to the real numbers, because most from the community do not register their complaints at all.”

It is important to mention that ever since extreme right-minded President Donald Trump has been elected, hate crime in the country has risen like anything.

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