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“Je Tan Ohna Ne Sade Ton Maafi Mang Lyi Tan Thik Hai, Verna Asi Ohna Nu Party Wicchon Suspend Kr Dena Hai” (If they will beg our pardon, we will let it go, otherwise we are going to suspend them from the party.)

Above is the bold, bold statement from a man who was first removed from the important seat of Leader of Opposition and then was suspended from the party itself.

Yes, we are talking about Sukhpal Singh Khaira, who held a press conference today and destroyed his own party, AAP.

Khiara when asked about whether he is going to file an appeal against this suspension he declaring the whole thing unconstitutional said, “We are not going to suspend them from the party.”

“They will be given proper chance to prove their innocence and we believe they must have mistake, they haven’t read the constitution of the party, if they would prove their innocence then it’s okay, otherwise we are going to suspend them from the party,” announced Khaira.

And how? when he was asked, he said, “We are going to send them a notice according to the rulebook of Aam Adami Party”.

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