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Sikhs for Justice, the separatist group from America, which is working for the separation of the Punjab from India, today denied having any link in the latest Nirankari Bhawan of Amritsar.

The legal advisor of the Sikhs For Justice, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, today in video posted on the official Twitter handle in which he denied having any connections with the Amritsar Bombing of 18th November.

“We believe in ballot papers not in bombs,” said Pannun.

Singh comparing the current scenario of Punjab with the black era of 90’s in Punjab, he said, “Punjab’s government and intelligence agencies, used the same tactics militancy era of the state, they jailed every person who wanted separate Punjab, by pulling them down by false cases.”

The hardliner also rejected all the governmental blames of funding Sikh youths in the state so that they could spread terrorism against “their Hindu brothers”.

“If you get any enticing call about harming anti-Sikhs of the state you must know this call is from agencies who want to spread hatred among us and then throw you into jails labeling you as a terrorist”, said Pannun alarming the Sikh youth.

Pannun made clear that SJF never has and never will send money to anyone in Punjab for any anti-social act, “We will not do anything that may harm anyone, anywhere”.

Attacking Punjab’s Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, Pannun called him a middleman of Indian government for calling Sikhs For Justice the same of Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI.

Warning the Indian agencies the notorious spokesperson said, “This is a warning to all the Indian agencies, do not harm our Sikh youth otherwise you will have to face the wrath of International laws.”

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