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Pakistan today has announced that there is nothing else in this world that cannot be resolved via table talk.

“Both countries committed some mistakes in the past but all we need are willful governments on both sides, to make peace,” said Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

Today the process to start the construction of Pakistani side’s Kartarpur Corridor was inaugurated in a grand function.

There is some serious politics going on this sensitive religious matter.

Two days ago we witnessed the Congress and Akali Dal’s catfight during the starting of construction work for Kartarpur Corridor on Indian land.

Well nothing of that sort happened today, at the neighboring country of Pakistan’s event.

The newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan cleared that both governments (Indian and Paki) should make efforts to better the friendship.

“Peace talks are halted by the old Kashmir problem, this can be solved too,” claimed Imran.

Khan also awarded Navjot Singh Sidhu as cupid of peace, who brought along the message of Love along him.

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