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(Boney Bindra) Faridkot Police in a special interview given to our senior Journalist Kasib Farooqi has confessed that they have not arrested any gunman from SAD Badal Fridkot rally.

In his Faridkot rally of 16th September, Parkash Singh Badal from an open stage announced that the police out has arrested an armed assassin who wanted to kill him and Sukhbir in cold blood.

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He even claimed that he and his son Sukhbir Singh Badal is ready to be sacrificed if that can bring peace to the state.

But today the SP Investigation Sewa Singh Malli of Faridkot cleared the sky of speculations and declared that police has arrested no such unnamed assassin.

Malli further added, “No such person (Gunman) was arrested either before or after the Faridkot rally of Shiromani Akali Dal, if we would have arrested someone, we could have presented him to the press.”

This new revelation by the Faridkot police will erupt a fresh series of discussions on social media and news channels.

Nonetheless, this lie from one of the parties, Badal or Malli once again has started a debate, why political or governmental personnel assumes that s/he will get away by lying bluntly and so confidently in public.

Not A First Lie Of Any Politician

This is not the first time that some politician has lied fearlessly in the public, before this, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi both has a knack for tarnishing the facts.

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Narendra Modi for instance while inaugurating the Magenta line of metro of Delhi claimed that late Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first passenger of country’s individual metro.

Which was not the case as first ever person to ride a metro in India is Indira Gandhi, who rod it in 1972 at Kolkata.

He then again ahead of the election in Uttar Pradesh claimed that more electricity is supplied to the state during the days of Ramdhan than Diwali.

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“Agar Ramdhan mein Bijli ati hai To Mitroon Diwali Mein Bhi Ani Chahiye, Bhedbhaaw Nhi Hona Chahiye” is what he said exactly.

His ‘nali’ gas can be used as domestic gas is the latest of the gem.

Rahul Baba’s Bulls Eyes

Not a lie but Rahul Gandhi’s pure and sheer distortion of facts in his statement that multinational company Coke’s founder used to sell lemonade must be mentioned to balance things up when anyone is writing about PM Modi’s lies.

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What Now?

So, is this culture which was started by the central India seems to be having entered the already terrored state of Punjab, which is actually a good thing because this encourages us to dig for truth and we learn a lot of things this way.


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