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Sukhpal Singh Khaira has been singing the songs of sorrow ever since he was suspended from the party.

Yesterday, the Balwinder Singh Bains the elder brother of political stud in Punjab, Simarjit Singh Bains accepted openly that if MLA Bholath is going to join hands with them they are going to put his as CM candidate of Punjab in next elections.

Just as the news went viral, it sent a shockwave into the politics of Punjab where some overly positive people were still optimistic that Khaira will come back into the Aam Adami Party.

He, it looks like now is clear enough, is not going back to the Aam Adami Party ever again.

In a recent interview he cleared that he is a man with self-respect and will not be going back into the party anymore.

When he was asked about his possible comeback Sukhpal Khaira replied, “I think it is not a choice anymore, we are all self-respecting individuals and after my undemocratic removal from the LoP seat and our suspension.”

“Hun Dekho Ji Asi Ehna De Pairan Wicch Apni Pagg Rakhno Tan Rahe, Asi Sare Gairaatman Log Han… Sadi Tauheen Karn Di Koshish Keeti Gyi Hai”( Look, we now are not going to place our turbans into the feet of AAP leaders, we are adequate folks and this was a reason to hurt our image.)

Talking about the Co-President of the party, Dr. Balbir Singh Khaira called him useless and said, “His post is undemocratic and there is no provision in the constitution of AAP for this seat, I don’t know why people were giving importance, to this ‘Bekar Ja Banda’, he is useless.”

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