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It is nature’s most fundamental law; one has to leave a place to get to another. Same applies to this postmodern society, nothing is permanent here, and we as well should accept it.

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A nail technician professional faces a lot of at the professional front. Still, sometimes one must draw a line, to keep one’s inner self alive.

These are a few reasons why you must scream “I Quit!”

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It Is A Dead-End Job

Have you been working at an office since ever and is still getting paid peanuts? Deep down you should have known for a long time that you are not going to achieve what you have in mind for you.

Situations like these can be really tricky; on the one side, you have job security and constant income, on the other, your dreams.

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However, you have to power your way through this situation, and you got to do the right thing and call it a day.

You Hate It From The Bottom Of Your Heart

As per Gallup World Poll conducted in 2017, about 70% of Americans and whopping 94% Japanese hate their jobs. From one billion full-time workers of planet earth, only 15% agreed that they love their jobs.

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Now, you have got to ask yourself that, are you too one of that 85%? Yes? Then why to cling to the job which doesn’t make you happy?

If anything we work our spines off and earn money, just so that we can be happy. If your job is making your skin crawl maybe it is time to seek other employment.

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The Internet is full of jobs for nail technicians, just google nail technician London.

You are overly qualified

An axe knows what it can cut, so does a person. When you know, you can acquire a better position any other place with the qualifications you have got the shift becomes essential.

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It doesn’t matter why you accepted the job you are at now, money was good, you needed experience, or it was a onetime thing.

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All that matters now is that you have stability in your life and you are ready for the top step now. Plus, you cannot work forever at one place, it is economically not very bright.

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With every passing year your scope for promotion shrinks and your increments starting to fall, who wants that?

There’s Someone Else

If you have met someone like Vito Corleone and made an offer you couldn’t miss, you mustn’t. Life presents this chance to very few people and if you are capable enough to get one don’t let it slip.

In addition to that you won’t feel like abandoning your company, it the perfect reason to leave the current job.

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You can ask your current employer to match the offer; if they can’t you won’t have to ask for the experience certificate; your boss will let you go by him/herself.


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