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Yesterday no-confidence motion was raised in Parliament of India and something that no one was expecting happened, Rahul Gandhi snatched PM Modi’s toy (attention) and in fact played with it better than him.

Rahul-PM hug and Gandhi’s wink made him the center of attention for Indian and International media.

If we talk about the social media, it looks like if someone has managed to break the internet after Kim Kardashian it is Rahul Gandhi.

Two trends after which the whole nation went gaga were, #RahulhugsModi and #IndiaTrustsModi. Twitteraties fired every jab in their arsenal towards both, Modi and Rahul.
Let’s see who said what on yesterday?

Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul simply cleared his government’s plan saying,

Narendra Modi:

PM Modi was looking quite worried after receiving Hug from Rahul Baba, anywho, he tweeted

Arvind Kejriwal

The third face of Indian politics Kejriwal surprisingly did not tweeted anything on No-confidence motion or #RahulhugsModi, which was quite disturbing at first but you will get over it like us.

Arun Jaitley:

Jaitley emptied his whole magazine on the opposition in his four tweets long say on the issue.

Shashi Tharoor:
The emerging star of Indian National Congress said little himself but retweeted his quote which ANI posted:

Rajnath Singh

Defended his government and tweeted,



Captain Amarinder Singh:
Captain Amarinder Singh showing his loyalty as always, celebrated the hugging gesture by Rahul Gandhi.

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