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It is almost one of the common bad habits as counted.

But people try guessing it’s causes or what makes them do so.

It can be commonly seen that when people are under stress or boredom, they tend to likely engage in such activity.

But now the question arises, we all get bored or stressed then why do all people not bite nails?

What is so different about them that makes them bite nails?

According to a famous neurologist and founder of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud- When a child is born the child seeks pleasure by sucking mother’s breast till 9 months and after that tries to get same pleasure by sucking one’s fingers or by putting things in mouth and feeling them.

We as parents, almost fail to recognize that it gives the child pleasure and there can be detrimental effects if the child is stopped to do so.

So, not letting the child to suck properly in one’s infant stage(0-18months) may let a child bite nails throughout his life.

Not only this there can be others outcomes as well. A child as an adult personality can be smokers, finger-chewers or putting everything in mouth that comes their way.

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