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(Tanu Deep) Have you ever on shopping with woman, if you are not a woman on your own? For a man or for the shopkeeper, it’s quite tiresome task to satisfy their choice of colours or shades.

As it is said women have amazing powers to know a variety of shades to men would always same.

It is said colour blue has 24 different shades.

These shades to a man would appear blue.

Isn’t this amazing?

But have you ever wondered, what can be the scientific or physiological reason which contributes to this reality?

According to physiologists, the cons in our eye contribute to colour vision.

Cons actually, enable the eye sight of a person related to colours. These are almost 6 to 7 million present in the human retina.
As it is known women have ‘XX’ pair chromosomes and men have ‘XY’. As per the studies, information about colour cells is contained in the ‘X’ chromosome.

Since, we have known that women contains double the ‘X’ chromosome as compared to men.

So, it is almost obvious and clear about their differentiation powers about the colours.

Nextly, another research claims that colour blindness tends to show more in men than in women.

Colour blindness is when people have difficulty to distinct different colours. It affects their their simple tasks of life from knowing traffic lights to choosing a ripe a fruit.

The prominent discussed combination is of red-green.

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