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After fighting a long fight with his alcoholism in rehabilitation and after staying away from the music industry for a long time, rapper Yo Yo honey Singh is back with his single Makhna.

The song it seems is just what the king of Hindi Rap needed indeed to mark his return. Honey Singh with his new look, is giving an impression of some East Asian Pimp.

The rap at least to me is not anywhere near his previous standards, the music is good, video is mesmerizing, very classic, but the lyrics are not up the par.

Nonetheless, name Yo Yo Honey Singh still carries a lot of weight around the country, which can be judged from the number of views it is getting on YouTube and how quickly too.

The song was released not more than an hour ago and it has got 462,307 views in just 60 minutes.

Here is the song itself; (Don’t miss Honey’s jab at his weight at 2:03)

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