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12-year-old Indian Boy dies in Toronto

Canada is in the list of favorites when Indian’s make their mind to migrate for better lifestyle, education etc. “Things don’t go your way” applies when it comes to migration too because the harsh reality is that even now, some migrants do face discrimination, bullying and racism. A case came into light when a 12-year-old Indian school boy in Toronto died in mysterious circumstances. Police officials are still investigation the real reason behind a young boy’s death, who migrated to Canada with his mother. The boy’s body was found in a Toronto neighborhood on 21st June. “Investigation is open and right now I don’t have any definite answers,” said, the 39-year-old single mother, whose identity has not been made public. As per reports, the young boy’s mother said that she moved from Bangalore to Canada in March 2018 because her son was facing discrimination there. Choking back her tears, the women said that she migrated to Canada with a dream of having a better future, but now she is left with nothing here. The women who stills holds an Indian passport said that her son was being bullied in school. “At about 7 pm, saying that he will be back soon, my son went to see his classmate and nearly after 1.5 hour when I went to our living room, I found one of his notebook — which was not there when we were calling his friend’s mother — the notebook contained a suicide note,” the boy’s mother notified what happened on the day she lost her son. Just about an hour later when police knocked at her door they showed her a piece of a jacket and CCTV footage. “I confirmed and they asked me to come with them to Sick Kids Hospital. The officials said: ‘Your son didn’t make it.’ The women said she didn’t notice if the suicide note was in her son’s handwriting but alleged that her son’s death was a result of months of bullying in school. The case seemed a bit complicated as one hand the boy’s mother found a suicide note which she claimed was not there when her son left the house, whereas on the other hand this can be a case of murder as the boy said he was going to meet a friend and didn’t returned back home.

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