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woman missing for 27 years

13-year-old Boy helps find woman missing for 27 ..

The family of a Canadian woman, who disappeared in 1992, finally knows what happened to her – thanks to a 13-year-old with a GoPro camera.

Max Werenka, whose family owns cabins at Griffin Lake near Revelstoke, B.C., spotted something about 15 feet below the surface.

Max then led some Mounties to the site before diving in to record some video footage.

Werenka was able to confirm the object was a car.

Investigators found the corpse of Janet Farris, who disappeared 27 years ago, inside the car.

Woman missing for 27 years

Police believe that she lost control of the car and swerved to avoid hitting an animal before ending up in the lake.

Woman missing for 27 years

The body was of Janet Farris of Mill Bay, British Columbia, who had gone missing in the fall of 1992, CBC News reported.

“I think the worst thing was not knowing,” her 62-year-old son, George Farris said.

“We kind of assumed that maybe she had gone off the road or fallen asleep, or tried to avoid an accident or animal on the road,” Farris said.

The discovery of his mother brought answers to almost three decades of mystery, Farris said.

Max’s mother, Nancy Warenka said that she learned about the identification a few days ago.

“My heart goes out to the Farris family,” said Nancy.

“I just feel for them that 27 years of your loved one missing — how do you deal with that?” Nancy added.

Nancy said she’s proud of her son for helping find the vehicle.

13 year old boy finds woman missing from 27years

“He’s only 13, but he’s a very mature 13,” Nancy told.

Farris’s family finally has closure and police praised Max for his outstanding detective work.

“That’s good detective work on his part,” Revelstoke RCMP Cpl. Thomas Blakney said.

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