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22 Men Gave Birth Last Year, Reveals Data

Pregnancy in males seems to be gradually more common, especially transgender men. And, recent reports of men being able to conceive successfully and give birth to babies are proof of that. In fact, about 22 Australian men have given birth in one year. According to the government’s Medicare data, 22 transgender males in Australia gave birth during the last financial year. About 228 children were delivered to men in the last decade, revealed statistics by Medicare. There were no official data or records of males giving birth in the last 16 years to June 2009. However, during that time, only one case was classified as ‘unknown’.

A challenge to Manhood –

Questions are raised on masculinity after a man gives birth to a child. Notably, it is important to understand that not all those who are assigned male at birth (AMAB) are identified as men. In the same vein, people who are assigned female at birth (AFAB) may be identified as men – these people may then be called transgender or transsexual. The actual fact is that many AMAB folks, who are identified as men, have reproductive organs necessary to carry a baby. Moreover, the advances in medical technology are further making it possible for AMAB to carry a baby. Talking about those who have a uterus and ovaries and are on testosterone, i.e., AFAB folks’ menses stop usually within six months of starting the HRT (hormone replacement therapy). So in order to get pregnant, a person needs to stop using testosterone. However, a 2013 survey reports that no significant differences in pregnancy were found between those who didn’t use testosterone and who use.

Manliness differs to everyone –

The meaning of masculinity or manhood is different to everyone, according to a professor at Melbourne University. He says that every man’s thinking differs from other men on the male pregnancy issue. The professor advised that now is the time that society should change its mind about gender. A pioneer of in-vitro fertilization, Robert Winston created a stir when he told Sunday Times in London that ‘male pregnancy would certainly be possible’ by having an embryo implanted into a man’s abdomen – with the placenta attached to an internal organ such as the bowel – and later delivered by caesarian section.

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