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4 Arrested After Assaulting Witness of Sikh Parade Sword Attack: US

Police in Yuba City have arrested four people after a witness of an attempted homicide at Yuba City’s Sikh Parade was attacked. The Yuba City Police Department reports that at the city’s annual parade in November of last year, a large fight broke out between a group of East Indian men at a Lathrop Target. According to the Police, nine people had attacked and threatened someone who witnessed the attempted homicide at the Northern California community’s annual Sikh parade. The case surfaced when police came across a videotape of a group of East Indian men violently stomping a man’s head into the ground outside of the entrance to the Target store. Lathrop Police started an investigation asking the public for the information concerning the potential identity of the attackers. During the investigation they found that the case actually stemmed from a last year’s incident that took place in Yuba City. Later, 36-year-old Manpreet Singh and Parmvir Gosal (39) were arraigned in Sutter County Superior Court as turned themselves in to police. They had to face the charges of attempted murder, mayhem and special allegations of great bodily injury. In an update, the police department reported that 4 people named Jaskaran Singh, Pritpal Singh Gill, Parmvir Singh Gosal and Narinder Singh were arrested and faces a number of charges, including dissuading a witness, assault with a deadly weapon and robbery.

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