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AI to Detect Depression through Voice, Research

Do you feel depressed?

Are you suffering from depression?

How is someone supposed to know if he/she is suffering from depression?

Depression can be normal, but only if one knows about early they can manage those symptoms and get the most effective treatment.

Now, a new Artificial Intelligence technology will help people to detect depressed mood swings more accurately.

Depression is only an indicator of underlying disease when feelings become excessive, all consuming.

According to new research by University of Alberta computing scientists, a research was conducted by which AI can identify ‘if a person is suffering from depression or not’, just by using the sound of their our voice.

The research conductors of the Department of Computing Science said that the study suggests that the timbre of our voice includes the information about our mood.

PhD student Mashrura Tasnim and Professor Eleni Stroulia, who conducted the research, had developed a methodology with a combination of several machine-learning algorithms to recognize depression more accurately using aural cues.

Just like you have a step counter installed in phone, this app will be a depression indicator by using voice samples (as one speak naturally) on your phone.

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According to WHO reports, the number of people with common mental disorders globally is going up and leaving USA and China behind, India is the most depressed country in the world.

Approximately 16% of Canadian women and 11% of Canadian men will experience major depression in the course of their lives, according to the Government of Canada.

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