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Aishwarya Pissay

Aishwarya Pissay Becomes First Indian to Clinch FIM Bajas World Cup

Indian rally racer Aishwarya Pissay from Bengaluru created history by becoming the first Indian to clinch the world title in motorsports. 23-year old Aishwarya Pissay annexed FIM Bajas World Cup in the women’s category after the fourth and final round in Hungary. Moreover, Pissay on Sunday finished second in the 2019 FIM Junior category. Winning the first round in Dubai, third (Portugal), fifth (Spain) and fourth (Hungary) in the following outings, Aishwarya finished with a total of 65 points. In the final overall standing for women, Aishwarya was just four points head ahead of Rita Vieira from Portugal (61 points), Sara Alvarez (56 pts), Rosa Romero (50 pts) and Margot Farre (13 pts). With 46 points in the junior category, Pissay stood second, while Chile’s Tomas de Gavardo (60) was the championship winner. “It’s absolutely overwhelming. I am out of words. After what happened last year, my first international season, when I crashed in Spain Baja and suffered career-threatening injuries, to come out and win the championship, is a great feeling,” said ecstatic Aishwarya after the podium ceremonies. Aishwarya added, “It was a tough phase of my life, but I believed in myself and was determined to get back on the bike which I did after nearly six months. So, winning the World Cup is huge for me and I will look to better my performance having gained this experience.”

“Without a doubt, the Hungarian Baja was one of my best races, even though I didn’t win. It was not an easy race. Given the nature of the terrain, it was more of endurance than just pace.”

“I was riding a smaller bike (250cc) as against the other girls were on the 450cc bikes. So, there was always a difference of 20-25 minutes between me and the other riders,” Aishwarya told.

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