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Amarinder Wants Clean ‘SIT-ing’, EC Orders Influenced By BJP

After the Election Commission of India yesterday acting on the complaint of Shiromani Akali Dal, directed transfer of sacrilege cases’ Special Investigation Team (SIT) head, IG Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh, today Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder Singh has issued a statement, declaring it a, “biased order”.

In a written statement issued today, CM Punjab conveyed that he has decided to ask the EC of India to go back over the transfer orders in interest of constitutional property and justice.

Captain as per the press release said, “Akalis were trying fruitlessly to affect the inquires of police firing and sacrilege cases which took place while Akali tenure, and now are resorting to frantic measures to save themselves.”

“It was obvious, the appellant was scared from the thought of exposure by this SIT, and had taken protection in the SAD alliance with Bhartiya Janta Party, he added.

The Chief Minister also warned the Akali-Bhajpa alliance against exploiting vital institutions like the defence forces and Election Commission to pursue its electoral propaganda.

“Destruction of these independent establishments would be highly disadvantageous to the interests of India and people wouldn’t forgive BJP for indulging in such vicious acts,” he added.

Captain also advised the Election Commission of India not to allow its integrity to be compromised in such manner by political interests of the ruling BJP and its allies,like SAD.

The second time Chief Minister also claimed that this Special Investigation Team is working totally independently and only under the control of Punjab-Haryana High Court, thus cannot have a political liking or agenda.

“People have faith in the Election Commission but such actions are bound to destroy that trust,” concluded Captain.

Previously, acting on a complaint filed by Shiromani Akali Dal to the election commission of India, the EC ordered the transfer of working force of SIT which is investigating the Bargari firing incident.

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