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Another Day Another Racial Attack on Punjabi Sikh in US

USA under Donald Trump has raised to a whole another level of racists, the crime rate of particular kind for as high as 40% and in just another case of racial attacks in the United States on Thursday, a neo-Nazi man beaten Sikh in a store at Oregon province.

The dispute took place because Harvinder Singh Dodd(victim), who works in the store, refused to give the 24-year-old Andrew Ramsay a cigarette paper.

Ramsay as per victim’s statement registered to police, beaten him and pulled his beard also, pulled his scalp hair.

According to the police, when they rescued Singh his blood was oozing out as Ramsay tried to snatch his turban. As per reports in local media, Ramsay targeted him because of Dodd’s religious beliefs.

As per police, Ramsay wanted a buy a rolling paper for cigarettes but Dodd refused to assist him, because he did not have an identity card.

When Dodd asked Ramsey to leave, he pulled Dodd from a beard, beating him with kicks and punched him on the face.

The alleged assaulter has been accused of four-degree attacks, rioting and criminal torture.

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