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Approx. 50 People Attacked AAP MLA Baljinder Kaur

MLA from Talwandi Sabo and Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate Prof.Baljinder Kaur, was late night attacked by a group of people at Haji ratan chowk in Bathinda city. Prof. Baljinder Kaur told that she was returning after an election campaign yesterday and when at 11.00 p.m midnight she reached near Haji ratan chowk; suddenly some drunken people came out on the road and attacked her car. The culprits started smashing the glass mirrors of the legislator’s vehicle. The miscreants torn the uniform of the security guard of the AAP’s candidate and abused the driver of the car.
After this terrifying incident, Prof. Baljinder Kaur claimed that nearly 50 people came along with the drunkards and attacked her car. Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Bathinda claimed that even after calling the administration and SSP on the spot no one has been there for 40 minutes. Even some police personnel’s were present on the check post of Haji ratan chowk but even they kept watching and did not take any action.

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