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Australian High Court Rules Sperm Donor Child’s Legal Father

A man, who donated sperm so his gay friend could have a baby more than a decade ago, has been declared as a legal parent by the Family Court of Australia.

Earlier, the NSW court deemed the man a parent but now the decision have been overturned.

The man, who goes by the pseudonym as Robert Masson, agreed to donate his sperm to a friend in 2006 via artificial insemination.

With mutual consent at that time, Masson agreed to raise the child together but the pair later had a falling out.

Problems arose when the girl’s mother and her same-sex partner wanted to move to New Zealand in 2015.

The High Court of Australia ruled that he had the legal status of a parent, as Masson was named the father on the child’s birth certificate and was actively involved in the girl’s life, even being called ‘daddy’.

Masson finally stopped the girl’s mother through the family court as he was found to be a parent.

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