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Biggest Mafia Bust in Ontario History: York Regional Police

Following the largest mafia bust in Ontario history, York Regional Police say that they have not just arrested 15 people but also seized more than $33 million worth of homes, sports cars and cash.

Targeting Canada’s most well known wing of the Ndrangheta clan in Canada, “Project Sindicato” was launched as an attempt to get down the group accused of carrying out illegal backroom gambling dens across the town.

Police Chief Eric Jolliffe said, “(The Figliomeni crime family) has benefitted from generations of crime to live a glamorous and indulgent lifestyle at the expense of law-abiding citizens.”

In response to a spike in shootings and arsons, the GTA city of Vaughan, the York Police launched the investigation 18 months ago across the GTA, by keeping surveillance on 11 cafes along with the homes of alleged mafia members and businesses associated to them.

The investigation turned international as the mafia group has links in Italy.

Across the GTA, nearly 500 officials raided 48 homes and businesses, where 14 people were arrested and the Italian State Police arrested 12 alleged more group members Calabria (, including some wanted for a homicide).

The arrests included Angelo Figliomeni, who is alleged to be the head of the largest crime family in Ontario. Figliomeni was charged with directing a criminal organization money laundering and defrauding the Canadian government.

Officers also seized a whopping 27 homes valued at $24 million, 23 luxury vehicles (including five Ferraris), as well as $2 million in cash and jewellery.

Project Sindicato
Game chips from cafes in Vaughan that allegedly housed illegal gaming operations are seen. (York Regional Police)
A home seized in the investigation is seen. (York Regional Police)
Officers cut the locks on gambling machines seized during Project Sindacato targeting a Mafia crime family in Ontario, Canada. (York Regional Police )

Det. Sgt. Carl Mattinen  said the goods and properties seized will be liquidated to fund grants for special projects by Ontario police services.

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