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Bitcoin ATM Machine Spurts Cash at Train ..

Commuters were left stunned after a Bitcoin cash point machine at a busy London Underground station started spitting money due to a malfunction caused by a huge withdrawal request.

A video to the same has gone viral on the social media.

According to The Sun report, the ATM in the central London’s Bond Street tube station starting spurting £20 notes and a man collected the cash in a bag that was already filled with money.

Moreover, the security guard was seen shielding the machine since the commuters hd an eye on the wads of cash.

According to the report, many thought the ATM machine had hit by a ‘jackpotting’ bug but the Polish company, which owns the machine, said that one of its customers was actually withdrawing a “bumper amount” when notes started spilling everywhere.

The owner and CEO of Bitcoin Technologies, Adam Gramowski said that it looks like the machine was struggling to handle the United Kingdom’s “small denomination” notes.

“As you can see there is a bag in the front of ATM. However, our ATMs support large transactions and it is fair to say that a larger, redesigned presenter would be a good solution. Our customer was not particularly careful, although the ATM should be redesigned to cope better with small denominations used in the UK,” Adam said.

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