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BJP MLA Kicks, Thrashes Woman On Road, Claims It Was Self-Defence

A Bharatiya Janata Party from Naroda, Gujarat was caught on camera kicking women on road.

Triggering a hue and cry on social media, the video went viral wondering that while PM Modi pushes for ‘Nari Shakti his own BJP legislator from Gujarat hitting a woman, after she protested demanding restoration of water connection in the area.


After massive criticism, BJP’s Naroda MLA Balram Thawani said that the woman was a leader of the Nationalist Congress Party and she was already under assault by another man in Meghaninagar.

Balram justified his actions by saying that he had been attacked first and alleged that her husband had hit him first inside his office.

As reported by Gujarat media Naroda MLA said that he hit the women “in the heat of the moment”.

“At that time my brain was not working, I was knocked down by the thought that someone came in my office and attacked me.  All these things were pre-planed, as I was attacked in my office. After that I came out to defend myself”, said Balram.

After all the mess, in the end politics played its part as MLA Balram Thawani apologised to the woman, Nitu Tejwani and said “She’s like my sister, I have apologized to her for what happened yesterday. We have cleared out the misunderstandings between us. I have promised to help her if she ever needs any help.”

When this news came out on social media that at the first place the BJP MLA kicked women on road and then to calm the matter down calls her his sister.

This whole act seemed indigestible for netizens, here are some reactions to the violent drama in Gujarat.

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