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BJP MLA’s Daughter Claims Life Threats after Marrying Dalit

Bareilly MLA Pappu Bhartaul’s daughter has released a video on social media alleging that her life is in danger from her father. Uttar Pradesh BJP legislator Rajesh Misra’s 23-year-old daughter Sakshi Misra uploaded two video on social media appealing to her father to stop opposing to her marriage to a ‘Dalit’ boy. Both the video were shot inside a car at an unknown destination. In her first video, she informed about her wedding to Ajitesh Kumar (29) demanding security after marrying a ‘dalit’ man. Kumar also alleges that there are goons trying to kill them for ‘honour’ and they had to run away from the hotel after a group landed their chasing them. In another video, Sakshi straight away accused her father of witch hunt and apprehended threat to her life from her father, brother and an associate. Calling out names of her father Pappu and Brother Vicky, Sakshi says that she is not wearing ‘sindoor’ for fashion. Sakshi calls out her father and says, “Please, accept us, live peacefully and let us live our lives too. Tell your dogs (goons) who are chasing us, just like Rajiv Rana to stop. Do not try to test my tolerance; if i will get frustrated then his whole family would land in jail. Our lives have turned into hell; we are just running and hiding all the time.” “Vicky and papa stop harassing Abhi’s relatives. They have not done anything, we got married and that was our decision. Through this video, I want to say that if something wrong ever happens to Abhi or his family then my father, Vicky Bhartaul and Rajiv Rana should be held responsible. I would request all MPs and MLAs of Bareilly not to help my father because our lives are in danger.” The video had been going viral on social media, Indian film director, Anurag Kashyap reposts the video with a caption, “This girl .. Daughter of the MLA from Bareilly, where we shot Mukkabaaz .. fears for her life because she married against her family’s wishes. Watch this video. Someone should take action against the man and protect her and her husband.”   https://twitter.com/anuragkashyap72/status/1149175958227890176

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