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jab harry met sejal

Bollywood Movie ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ Happened in Real Life with US Couple

Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Anuskha Sharma starrer ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ just happened in real life.

A US man travelled all the way to Canada to find his wife’s wedding ring, which she had lost in the snow-capped mountains during their vacation in 2018.

Talking to Fox News, Drew Husky told about his trip to find his wife Qian “Emily” Yang’s wedding ring worth $10,000 (₹6,90,125).

Husky and his wife had went on a trip to snow-capped mountains in Canada where his wife slipped in two feet snow and lost the ring.

“All of a sudden my wife screams, ‘I lost my ring’,” told Husky, adding that they searched for the ring for about three hours but no findings.

Thereafter, Husky decided that no matter what he would find his wife’s ring. He then gets to know that the snow would thwart in that area in May and planned with his friends to go to Canada.

With the assistance of a website called ‘The Ring Finders’, who find lost jewelry with a “metal detecting specialists” – Husky was able to find the ring within two hours.

Meanwhile, Husky had lied to his wife about the Canada trip by saying that he was going to Montana for a trip.

Husky got the ring cleaned after returning to Missouri and later presented the ring to his wife.

“That night I put it back in its original box and set it right next to the couch and typed up the entire confession, letting my wife know the trip was really me going to Canada to find the ring that she had lost,” Husky said.

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