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‘Bus Day’ Celebrations Go Wrong, Students Fall Off Moving Bus On Cam

One youth swings from the foot-board, while more than 20 students stand on the roof, some mounted on the window frame.

Everything you read actually happened, and this is not just the violation of law but a dangerous move that can take someone’s life.

This scene is from the Bus Day celebration that was organized in Chennai on Monday by college students has gone viral.

As a concept, Bus Day has existed in Chennai for around five decades.

According to reports some students hailed from Pachaiyappa’s College and Ambedkar Arts and Science College.

In the video students can be seen precariously sitting on the bus roof and dangling from handles.

But here what happened to these careless beings, as the bus moves slowly and suddenly halts in the middle of the road; students fall off the roof and almost came under the wheels of the bus.

Despite severe warnings from cops, the students turned up in large numbers and put their lives and life of the public at risk.

While none of the young men were injured, at least 20 students have been arrested by Chennai Police for creating public nuisance.

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