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Canada general elections

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau kick starts election campaigning

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kick-started his six-week campaign on Wednesday for next month’s Canada general elections. In a tight race, Trudeau is gunning to retain his liberal majority against the newcomers. To woo the voters, the parties have already started pre-election ads, announcements and whistle-stop across the country. At Trudeau’s request, Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in Canada, Governor General Julie Payette dissolved the parliament. With the dissolution of parliament, Canada’s 43rd general election has been launched. The vote is to be held on October 21. “We have a huge amount of work still to do … under a Liberal government, Canada will continue to move forward,” Trudeau told after launching the race.

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In August, a top watchdog ruled that the PM had breached ethics rules by pressurizing former justice minister to ensure a major construction firm avoids a corruption trial. However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is probing whether there’s sufficient evidence to lay charges. While on Wednesday, the Globe and Mail said that Ottawa was limiting what potential witnesses could say. Leader of the official opposition Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer said the Globe and Mail report showed Trudeau couldn’t be trusted. “He has lied. He has looked Canadians in the eyes and said things that he knew were not true,” Scheer said. Meanwhile, a Nanos Research poll released on Tuesday showed the Liberals at 34.6% and the Conservatives at 30.7%. Notably, the margin is not enough to assure the majority of seats in the House of Commons. Get Breaking news and Latest News from India and around the world on GlobalPunjabTV.in. Like us on Facebook for news updates.

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