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Canada Takes Action On Fraudster Immigration Brokers In India

An information campaign has been launched in India by the Capital of Canada to spread awareness among prospective immigrants not to use Indian consultants. The information campaign in India is to help temporary resident visa applicants, avoid falling victim to fraud and common immigration frauds and inform them about the best channel to use when applying for a Canadian visa. This campaign in India is a first-ever paid media campaign by the immigration department, which frequently caution applicants and potential applicants to be careful of unscrupulous agents through social media platforms and other free communication channels, said the department spokesperson Shannon Ker. India is one of the major sources of foreign students, immigrants and workers to Canada, ascribing the country’s visa refusal rates to exploitative consultants and people resubmitting applications based on the same information in their original rejection. Earlier, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced that the Liberals were establishing another self-regulatory body to oversee consultants. The five-year budget for improved oversight is set of $51.9 million and includes money for the Canada Border Services Agency to trail more investigations and criminal penalties. Licensed immigration consultants, who are members of the existing regulatory body, were not so happy with the government’s campaign move, saying that the officials should have used the term “unauthorized representative” rather than “unauthorized immigration consultant” in its material. Only licensed lawyers and consultants can offer immigration advice and services at a fee stipulates the immigration law. In 2018, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada received 3.4 million temporary resident applications from India, a 79% increase from 1.9 million in 2013.

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