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Canada’s New ‘Warship’ Library Draw Jeer from Edmontonians

A new library in Edmonton, a city in Canada has drawn criticism over its redesign.

The criticism centres on the current form of the building compared to some original architectural renderings.

The building, which is still in its renewal, is being compared to a battleship, a tank, even a misleading dating profile picture.

The Stanley A Milner Library was built in 1967 in the city’s downtown core.

“How did we get from A to B? Embarrassing. It’s so ugly,” said one Twitter user.

The library, slated to be complete for a grand opening next year on 14 February, was closed in 2016 for CAD85million revitalization.

Urging critics to wait until the building is complete, the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) said, “We appreciate that art and architecture are subjective and we hope that Edmontonians will continue to love and use EPL for the incredible services and spaces we make available to throughout our city.”

Telling residents to delay their final judgment until the construction is over; Mayor of Edmonton Don Iveson told “criticism is a summer sport here in Edmonton”.

The EPL however, had a tongue-in-cheek response to the construction’s critics.


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