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Canadian Fertility Specialist Loses License For Using His Own Sperm

Canadian fertility specialist, 80-years-old, Bernard Norman Barwin was known as the “baby god” but after his 41-year medical career Bernard has been stripped of his medical license. The allegations against Dr Barwin are that to impregnate his patients he had been repetitively using he wrong sperm – including his own.
Bernard Norman Barwin
Barwin didn’t gave inform his patients of the errors regarding their children’s paternity. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario called the former doctor’s actions “beyond reprehensible”. The College’s senior counsel, Carolyn Silver said, “It is the most egregious violation of a patient’s trust. These patients came to Dr Barwin and trusted him to help them start a family.”
The College’s senior counsel, Carolyn Silver
The regulator launched the most recent investigation when a lawsuit was filed that alleging that the fertility doctor is the biological father of at least 11 children and nearly 50 to 100 children were conceived after their mothers received the wrong semen from Dr Barwin. The College said it started investing on its own because of the media coverage surrounding the civil case. In the College’s summary of its judgment, one of the resultant found out that Barwin is her biological father through an online DNA registry and a medical DNA testing. Previously, Barwin was suspended by the college in 2013 after artificially inseminating four women using the wrong sperm. He resigned his medical license in 2014 after other cases came to light.

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