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Canadian senator Linda Frum’s personal data leaked online

Conservative Senator Linda Frum’s twitter account was hacked. Those responsible shared personal information, including a photo of her driving license. Linda Frum’s personal data leaked No motive for hack was made clear, but the accounts referenced in the tweets from the hackers are still active. But the perpetrators tweeted that they “don’t appreciate corrupt politicians” and included an emoji of the Palesrinian flag. Twitter Canada’s Cam Gordon said that our policy team meets and is in contact regularly with politicians across Canada, sharing updates on the latest Twitter features (including security features) and tips for getting the most out of Twitter. Frum's twitter account Saying it does not comment on “the activity or status of individual accounts or individual Tweets”. Twitter Canada did not say whether it plans to suspend these accounts. Frum isn’t the first Canadian Senator to have a twitter account hacked. Conservative Senator Don Plett’s account was hacked in late October.

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