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woman arrested for smuggling cocaine

Canadian Woman Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine into Australia

A Canadian woman has been arrested for alleged smuggling of about 12kg of cocaine into Australia. On June 30, the woman along with her son landed at Sydney International Airport from Canada flight. The 42-year-old woman carried three suitcases, which caught the attention, and Australian Border Force (ABF) officers targeted her for an X-ray examination Officers said that they found a white-chalky substance hidden within the suitcase lining and first testing came back positive for cocaine. Taking over the matter, Australian Federal Police (AFP) arrested the woman on charges of drug importation offences. She has been charged with one count of smuggling border-controlled drugs. The offence imposes a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. To ensure the child is being cared until he can return to Canada, The AFP is working with family service agencies and the Canadian Consulate. Last year, a Canadian woman on vacation smuggled more than 30 kg of cocaine into Australia and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

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