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Floods 2019: Natural calamity or a man-made disaster

natural calamity

Many parts of India, specially northern states, have faced much damage due to the flooding of rivers following heavy rains. While the Centre and state governments are terming the damages as natural calamity and are releasing funds in crores to make up for the loss, the buck doesn’t stop there. …

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Analysis of RTI Amendment Act, 2019 |OPINION|

HARLEEN SANDHU The RTI act has probably been the most empowering and successful act of the country in recent times. But with the amendments that are being done, you could say that the act is headed towards its death bed, i.e. Rest in Peace (RIP). HOW DOES RTI SYSTEM WORK? …

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This Temple Disappears In Water Twice a Day

When the British left India, some of them called it mere a land of magicians and snake charmers. Yes we do have a lot of snakes and we still do have a lot of magic left in our roots, want proof? Sambheshwar Mahadev temple is located near Kavi village in …

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