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Celebrity Nose, Armpit Bacteria Used To Make These “Human Cheese”

How far would you go to get some cheese from your idol made from their armpit bacteria?

Instead of being made in a factory, these cheeses are grown in a lab. Scientists and cheesemakers made five types of cheese from five celebrities.

Which celebrity cheese would you try?

Cheese typically uses starter cultures originating from milk bacteria.

They can even determine a cheese flavor or texture, even the number of holes it has.

But these cheeses use bacteria taken from celebrities’ armpits, nostrils, belly buttons, and even one celeb’s crotch!

A new exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London features five cheeses made with of some well-known personalities’ bacteria harvested from their skin.

“Our bodies are teaming with microbes… And as scientists develop new techniques for studying microbes, the popular assumption that they are only a source of harm or embarrassment (unwanted smells) is giving way to a much more complex understanding of the extraordinary things they do for us,” said the museum.

Dubbed Selfmade, scientists harvested bacteria from British rapper Professor Green (mozzarella), Chef Heston Blumenthal (comte cheese), Madness frontman Suggs (cheddar), musician and cheesemaker Alex James Blur, who chose to be recreated as Cheshire cheese, baker and food writer Ruby Tandoh (stilton).

Unfortunately, these cheeses are not available for consumption.

The cheeses were made to challenge the aversion people have towards from microbial foods.

Many people see microbes as harmful, and avoid foods like cheese.

But our bodies are home to trillions of microbes, living on our skin and inside from us.

They play a vital role in maintain our health and they can also help us create more cheese.

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