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Fake thermacol cake

Couple Got Tricked by Caterer with a ..

A wedding cake is like the exclamation point on the reception and it should be a total reflection of your style and taste.

A couple from Philippines hired best caterers to match their style. But their bright day turned gloomy.

Shine Tamayo and her partner Jhon Chen paid 140,000 pesos (505376 Indian rupees) to the Caterers made them embarrassed when they cut the much-awaited wedding cake.

Thermocol cake

The time they reached out to cut a slice, bride realized that the entire cake was made of polystyrene foam.

Thermocol, which is used to store glass or delicate items for packing was used for their special wedding cake.

The 26-year-old busted into tears yet decided to go to the police in her wedding gown.


The caterer has been charged with fraud and is awaiting trial.

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