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Dalit Man’s Body Airdropped

Dalit Man’s Body Airdropped from Bridge to cremation ground

A video of Dalit man’s body airdropped from a bridge to the cremation site on the riverbed underneath in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district has gone viral. The local SCs say that there is no public road to the cremation ground on the riverbed. The only option is to trespass into a private property, which is actually owned by the ‘upper castes’. And they resorted to this draw attention to give access to the cremation ground. The family says that they were denied the right way and access as ‘upper caste families’ did not want their private properties to be used for their proof way for free. And this raised offence a decade ago. 55-year-old Kuppan of Narayanapuram Dalit Colony last Friday had died in a road accident. “There are stairs from the bridge to come down but we can’t carry the body,” Vijay, a nephew of the deceased told. Authorities say that this is not a case of caste discrimination. The landowners, they say, wanted compensation to convert their land into a public road.

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Moreover, District Collector A Shanmuga Sundaram calls the cremation site on the riverbed as unauthorized. Sundaram says they filed an FIR against two men, who handled cremation. For now, the sub-collector of Tirupattur taluk, B Priyanka ordered a probe into the incident. “We are examining the situation. If required we would even find an alternate cremation site,” Priyanka told. The district administration has now allotted a cremation site 2km away from the community. The issue has never been raised over the past decade, claimed local officials, adding that there were no ‘unnatural deaths.’ Meanwhile, the two private properties’ ownership is under question. Activists say despite denial, caste hierarchy and discrimination is deniable from birth to death – being denied dignified cremation, for being forced to wear colour-coded caste bands in schools. To put it differently, various forms of untouchability have plagued Tami Nadu over the years.

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