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Delhi airport: Man impersonates 81-yr-old to fly to the US, Arrested

A Gujarati man named Jayesh Patel was arrested at a Delhi airport for trying to catch a flight to the US. But why would anyone be arrested for catching a flight to the US? Here’s a twist, Patel dressed as an 81-year-old by getting his hair and beard dyed-grey. Dressed as a senior citizen, he tried to catch a flight to New York at Delhi Airport. The incident took place at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, Delhi. 32-year-old Patel also managed to get a fake passport in the name of Amrik Singh. Related image Patel managed to get past the initial security check and the immigration officials as well, the police officials said.

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“A man named Jayesh Patel reached Terminal-3 of IGI airport on Sunday on a wheelchair posing as an elderly man. He even tricked the initial security check and got his immigration cleared,” CISF spokesperson Assistant Inspector General Hemendra Singh told. Despite all his efforts, he could not escape after he was put through detailed checks. “CISF was suspicious about him as his voice didn’t match his age. Despite grey hair, his skin seemed to be quite young as there were hardly any wrinkles on his face,” the CISF spokesperson said. “Patel was planning to go to the US for a job. But his profile was such that he would not have gotten a visa easily.  With a fake name – Amrik Singh, a fake address, he managed to get a passport and a US visa,” told Sanjay Bhatia, a senior police officer. Jayesh Patel “We’ve never seen a similar case at the Delhi airport before,” the police official added. Patel hails from Ahmedabad and has been handed over to Delhi Police for further investigation. Jayesh Patel’s agent, the make-artiste and the assistant are still to be arrested.

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