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Diljit Dosanjh Again Threw Heart in Kyle’s Feet

Punjabi singer and actress Diljit Dosanjh’s hitting stories on reality star Kylie Jenner is an old news now, but, he has gone a little too far with his comments and later uploading a video about Kylie’s new egg-painting picture, in which Superstar’s face imprinted on an egg.  The brown egg’s viral picture has already broken the record of the highest number of likes on Instagram. Actually host of the show, “Keeping Up With Kardashians” Alan DeGeneres, using his creativity, photoshoped Kelly’s face on a brown egg a few days ago.  DeGeneres captioned the picture: “I think this has become the most worthwhile post of Instagram ever”. Now Diljit Dosanjh has also commented on the photo, while praising Allen for the post and said “Your brain works faster than the Ferrari.” This is not the first time that ‘Propper Patola’ star has been seen singing praises on Kylie’s posts and pictures related to Kylie.
Recently, in an episode of season 6 of ‘Coffee With Karan’, he shared his feelings for Kylie in front of everyone, where he admitted that he liked her.

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