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Drunken Punjabi Create Chaos, Hits 14 Cars In U.S

While driving erratically down a California highway a man was arrested for DUI after he hit a total of 14 cars.

California Highway e identified the driver as 50-year-old Punjabi man, Satinerjit Singh Bali of Lathrop city located in San Joaquin County, California, United States.

According to the local media reports, Bali was suspected of been high on drugs when he drove unsteadily at high speeds and hit other vehicles from Madera to Fresno on State Route 99.

Victims hit by Bali decided to take matters into their own hands, and started chasing Bali.

Angelique Milam, one of the victims, whose car got crashed by Bali, said that she was in the passenger seat of an SUV with her teenage daughter behind the wheel.

“He just went between the lanes and tried to get through us but there was not enough space so he ended up locking with us, carrying us together,” said Angelique.

When Bali pulled over his car, people who followed him took the opportunity to pounce and restrain him until officers arrived.

As per reports, When Bali was taken to the Fresno County Jail; officers waited four hours for Bali to sober up.

Earlier, it was said that Bali was only charged with misdemeanors but now, California Highway Patrol officer Gregorio Rodriguez says those charges will change.

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