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Father Tries To Sell His Infant Baby At U.S. Pawn Shop

These days all that people want is to get popular on social media by hook or by crook. To get the recognition on social media platforms, they can go to any extend. Just to get some material for his comedic Snapchat account, a father tried to sell his 7-and-a-half month’s old baby in a pawn shop in Sarasota, on Florida’s Gulf coast. The single father, Richard Slocum, walked straight in the pawn shop, places the infant on the counter and asks the owner of the store, “How are you doing buddy, this is what I got.” ‘No one under 18 in here, but he’s barely used, he’s seven and a half months old, what do you think he’s worth?. Just a pawn, I don’t want to get rid of him.’ Richard added. 43-year-old father must’ve thought that this prank would be a hit, but his attempt at dad humor went all wrong when the concerned pawn shop owner Richard Jordan called the police and informed them regarding the incident. Before Slocum could realize his face was all over the social media and local news channels. Finally Slocum explained the Sarasota police officials that it was a prank. There is nothing in the world that I would trade for my son. He claimed that he filmed the video as a joke after his nephew asked him to make inane videos.’

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