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Ford unveils $25.8B for GTA’s public transit expansion

Premier Doug Ford has announced $25.8 billion plan to Greater Toronto Area’s public transit expansion. However, there is no sign of relief for Hamilton commuters hoping for development on non-stop Go service, still a massive relief for downtown Toronto. The plan involves four separate subway projects, including three expansions to already existing TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) lines. A $10.9 billion Ontario line will transport more than 400,000 people every day from Ontario place all the way through downtown Toronto, to the Science Centre. Doug Ford said, “I feel the investment will help ease the constant congestion in the province’s biggest and most cramped city, but the sentiment online is that it’s just that: a plan for Toronto.” Meanwhile, the Transportation and infrastructure Ministers mentioned Hamilton – the third largest city in Ontario several times, but there was no talk of any new plans to bring non-stop Go services to the $45 million West Harbour Go Station that meets only a handful of commuters during the morning hours and is empty the rest of the day. 28 billion dollar is a huge amount, but Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Transportation said that the people should not expect other services to experience cuts in tomorrow’s budget since they would be able to spread the payments across a 30-year span.

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