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Gau Mata Visits Rajasthan Court To Choose Her Owner

Often you have seen humans going to court, but have you ever seen the cow appearing in the court. Yes, you read that right a ‘COW’. You will be surprised by knowing this whole case which was reported in a local court of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, where a cow appeared in the court and then the judge passed the verdict. The cow was brought into court because there was a dispute regarding his proprietary rights. Clashes arose between the locals, teacher Shyam Singh and Constable Om Prakash were going since August 2018.   Earlier, the case concerning the ownership of the cattle was registered in Mandore Police Station and the station in-charge tried his best to solve the issue, but failed. When there no solution with the mutual decision, the officials kept the cow in Mandore Gaushala and installed a CCTV camera to keep an eye on it. The case was presented in Metropolitan Magistrate (MM) court before the judge in April this year and the judge had to leave his courtroom to solve the matter.   Judge came out of court room and told both Shyam and Om to take care of the cow one by one. The initial plan was to judge that how will they take care of the cow. In the end, the cow was given to Om and one of the lawyers who were related to the case said, “2 men, Om Prakash and Shyam Singh had dispute over its ownership since 2018. Court said that based on all evidence the cow be handed over to Om Prakash.”

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