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Grisly Show of Force: 19 Bodies Hung From Bridge in Mexico Drug Cartel Feud

Mexican police found nine bodies dangled from a bridge alongside a drug cartel banner threatening other drug gangs.

Seven more corpses were also found hacked up and dumped by the road nearby.

In the brutal cartel-killing spree, two of the bodies hung by ropes from the overpass by their necks, half-naked, were women.

The bodies showed signs of beating and torture and “we believe they were members of a criminal gang,” said a shocked official, declining to be named.

While the banner was not completely legible, it bore the initials of the notoriously violent Jalisco drug cartel and mentioned the Viagras, a rival gang. “Be a patriot, kill a Viagra,” the banner read in part.

As per reports, the banner read in part “Be a patriot, kill a Viagra”.

Adrian Lopez, the attorney general for the western state of Michoacan, said the killings appeared to be part of a turf war between rival cartels battling for control of the region’s drug trade.

The ongoing merciless dogfight between Mexican drug cartels caused a panic scene as road users first saw the bodies strung up on the bridge.

Since the start of a nationwide military crackdown on organized crime in December 2006, Mexico has seen a rise in violence blamed for more than 50,000 deaths.

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