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Half-Full Glass of Water to Be Served In UP Assembly, Know Why

‘Water is life, Treat it right!’ The water crisis has been rising every single day and people do get awareness calls from time to time. To prevent the wastage of water, now the Uttar Pradesh Assembly has decided that only half a glass of water will be served to all. Getting an inspiration from PM Modi’s appeal for water conservation during his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Radio program, the Principal Secretary of the Vidhan Sabha Pradeep Dubey has issued a departmental order that half-filled glasses of water will be served in all offices and canteens. Paying heed to the Speaker’s concern over wastage of water, the order has been executed with immediate effect. UP Vidhan Sabha principal secretary said that whenever a full glass of water is been served to a guest, most of the time after few gulps, people tend to leave water in glasses. Therefore, at first only half a glass will be served and those who want more can ask for it. As per reports, this order will affect the work pressure on fourth-class employees, as they have to be prepared for second helpings during summer.

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