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Haryana Lost In Solar Energy Production

India as a country witnessed Change of Guard after BJP’s win in assembly elections in 2014. On screens of all the TV channels almost all states were shown in Saffron colour, the colour of Bhartiya Janta Party. BJP had stretched its hands and legs by hook or crook in almost every state of India. But it was very few states like Punjab that remained untouched by the Saffron. Haryana was one of the very first states that changed into Saffron on 19 October 2014 after the its win in the centre. Manohar Lal Khattar was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Haryana on 26 October 2014. Khattar is known to be a close aide to the Man from Gujarat who happened to be the Prime Minister of India. Therefore, Haryana ruling government had every support from the National ruling government.

Haryana government unveiled Solar Power Policy in 2016 in which it was targeted to produce 4000 MW through various projects. But the latest results revealed that the BJP government in Haryana had just produced mere 148 MW of the energy, which is nowhere near to the target. Out of 148 MW, rooftop (commercial +residential) installations added 97 MW and rest of the energy was through the ground mounted installations.

According to the Policy, Haryana government was suppose to provide benefits to the projects that were set up. But few of the new projects were not given any benefit by the government. HAREDA (Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency) Official claimed that  out of 850 million units required to meet solar power requirement of the state in April-September 2018, the state was only able to produce meet only 110 million units that included its own generation and purchase of renewable power from other states.

The Developers had invested in 2016 in buying lands after the announcement of the policy. It was a pre requisite requirement of the policy that the applicants shall invest in land and infrastructure before getting the final sanction. This made the developers to invest  in crores in the initial stage without frowning. Then the developers came to know that the policy has been rolled back by the government without giving any specific reasons. Later HVPNL (Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Ltd.) was introduced with the interim guidelines. But the developers are still waiting for the operational guidelines of HVPNL due to their previously struck money. Though HAREDA official has said that State government  is planning to come up with the operational guidelines soon.

The developers are blaming the government for not having the will to implement the Solar Power policy as it is that has hindered the growth in this sector. On the other hand higher end of prices of the Land or lease are also an obstruction.

If we compare the Punjab’s production with that of Haryana’s then it is like witnessing a famous Hindi proverb “OONTH KE MUH MIEN JEERA”.  Punjab produced 906 MW of energy in 2018 as compared to 148 MW in Haryana. Congress, the anti BJP party is ruling in Punjab whereas Haryana has got a full support from its centre mother party. But where are the stings stuck….? Or was the Saffron colour only suppose to be shown on TV channels?


Irvinder Singh

23 Jan 2019

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